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Belmont State School was opened on Monday, 5 June 1876. A.C. Bernecker and other farmers in the local area wrote to the Board of Education in 1875 asking for a school to be built on 2 acres on the corner of Old Cleveland and Scrub Roads. Mr. Bernecker offered the land from his farm “Belmont” to the Board. The school opened in a two-room building, with a teacher’s residence and two earth closets (toilets) at a total cost of 440 pounds. The first Head Teacher was Mr. W.H. Jennings.

School attendance was always poor as attested by frequent official correspondence, leading the school being appointed a provisional school in the late 1890’s.

From 1911, moves were made to resite the school near the Belmont Shire Hall (presently the site of the Belmont Services Bowling Club). In 1917, Belmont School was officially closed as the Head Teacher, Mr. C.K. Briggs, was appointed to open the new Carina School and local parents were requested to send their children there. However, several parents refused (because of the long walk from upper Scrub and Cribb Roads) and continued to send their children to Belmont School even though no teacher was present. After about a week, a temporary teacher, Mr. A.P. Theodore, was sent to reopen the school. Other moves were made to close the school in 1932 when Gumdale School opened, but Belmont School clung on.

Now, it is difficult to comprehend, as our school is one of the largest schools in Brisbane. Belmont State School is currently enrolment managed thus ensuring our facilities and resources can cater for the needs of all students who attend our school.

Belmont State Schools catchment area

Belmont State School has continued to grow on the four-hectare site situated at the intersection of Old Cleveland Road and Scrub Road, Carindale. Old Cleveland Road is the major access road to the Bayside suburbs. The school services the areas of Carindale and Chandler. These areas are all growth areas with large numbers of building blocks.

On the school site there are two ovals and four playground equipped areas.

A large hall, with sprung floor, provides a facility for both school and community use.

Our multipurpose centre is shared jointly with out of school hours care and provides another significant addition to our facilities.

Both the Brisbane City Council and local bus services service the school. These operate on a regular basis.  The huge shopping complex at Carindale is a few minutes away from the school. Belmont State School is approximately fifteen minutes by car from the city. The school is in the Metropolitan Region.

Belmont State School is a large band 10, co-educational state primary school. Currently there are approximately 900 students enrolled. Belmont State School has a strong emphasis on academic excellence within a supportive and caring environment.

Our focus includes:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning

  • Exceptional standards and expectations of individual achievement and behaviour

  • Whole school skills-based literacy and numeracy program

  • Information technology

  • Instrumental program

  • Strings program

  • Choirs

  • Interhouse sport

Our purpose is to achieve the best quality educational outcomes for every student in our school.

Our vision is to continually develop a learning environment where everyone succeeds and has fun whilst in pursuit of high quality intellectual learning.

Our Philosophy is

  • Everyone can learn

  • Everyone can succeed

  • Teachers make a difference

  • Learning is supported by the structures in the school

Our philosophy is built on the values of:

  • High professional standards

  • Active and informed involvement

  • Individual student care

  • Creative lateral thinking and risk taking

  • Positive social and personal skills

  • Striving for excellence 

Class organisation includes single classrooms and double classrooms (two teachers).

Last reviewed 24 November 2020
Last updated 24 November 2020